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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Turkey Foot Road 1906 view

Mount Savage Historical Society
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Mount Savage, Maryland 21545

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MUCH IMPROVED – In 1904, four Allegany County road directors and Engineer George G. Townsend designed a plan to improve the hillside route along Jennings Run, which primarily entailed protecting the roadway from flood damage when the run “got up,” an ofttimes occurrence. Townsend writes in a 1906 “Good Roads Magazine” article (Appendix 19 in Dietle and McKenzie’s “In Search of the Turkey Foot Road” book): “This wall is 231 ft. long, of good sandstone, laid in first-class Portland cement mortar. Another shorter, but higher wall, similarly constructed, protects an exposed point farther up the stream.” Realignment of both the road and the run was necessary in 1957, to construct the current Maryland State Route 36 corridor. Parts of this wall remain visible, and segments of the old road remain in use today.

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