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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Catholics vote economy over social concerns

Just found an undated item about an Associated Press interview with Papal spokesman Rev. Federico Lombardi regarding the recent election of Senator Barak Obama president of the United States that notes that despite the fact that McCain was the pro-life candidate, Catholic voters "overwhelmingly prioritize economic over social concerns" (based on a November 5 AP exit poll). The article says the pope will make a statement.

Zenit posts a November 5 release regarding a telegram sent by Pope Benedict XVI to President-elect Obama promising him his prayers and encouraging Obama to "build a world of peace, solidarity and justice."

A November 5 Zenit news release quotes Cardinal Francis George in a congratulatory statement to Obama: ""We stand ready to work with you in defense and support of the life and dignity of every human person."

Zenit also has posted a release November 7 about a Westchester Institute for Ethics and the Human Person scientist's conclusions about the beginning of life, in which she says: "As I note in the paper, resolving when human life begins has important implications for a number of controversial political topics, including abortion and human embryonic stem cell research. "

by Nancy E. Thoerig 11-08-08

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